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Allen Young(non-registered)
Mitchell was so kind yesterday (4/24/18) to take a bunch of photos of me as I was reading from my new book, "Left, Gay & Green: A Writer's Life," and I decided to take another look at his photography website. It's a great way to spend five minutes or an hour, seeing familiar and unfamiliar landscapes, wildlife, people and more. Mitch is a retired educator who is devoting much of his creative energy to photography....and always to the North Quabbin community that he, like me, has made a true "home" in all meanings of that word.
harga tas wanita(non-registered)
Your blog is really nice and unique.I like it so much. Looking forward to going over your web page again. Thanks for sharing.
These are lovely photos Mitch. I enjoyed the site. I say you're great at capturing the moment.
Mike Blanchette(non-registered)
You've got a great collection of photos here. You're extremely well-traveled and the variety reflects a good range of subjects. Nice work.
Amy Spero Petersen(non-registered)
Wow, Mr. Grosky, I never knew you were so talented at photography! I only knew you as a great English teacher. Your photos are beautiful and nice to catch up on what you're doing. Good luck with everything!
Cheryl Dean(non-registered)
Your photos are enticing and captivating. Thank you for sharing. I too love photography and shoot hundreds of digital images on a weekly basis. I would delight in the idea of making a living via my Nikon. Good luck to you, although I doubt "luck" will have anything to do with your success. Have you tried submitting your portfolio to a travel magazine?
Jackie Stetser(non-registered)
I love the photos of Yellowstone. I've never been, and one day I will certainly make it.
Amy Fisher(non-registered)
It has been a visual pleasure perusing your photographic collections! The hard part was deciding which ones to order! Many blessings on your new adventure in life as a photographer!
Caleb Nelson(non-registered)
Very nice photography Mitch, you've got me drooling over Rocky Mountain National Park!
I'm so happy that your love of photography spans so many decades. Everytime that I look at your photographs I am taken back to that time and the wonderful memories that stem from every picture that you have!
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